Bangkok Balcony – June 30, 2012

Bangkok Balcony on Urbanspoon

I am still fairly new to Thai food, I just had it for the first time over a year ago but I have been impressed quickly. I recently was in Squirrel Hill with a friend of mine and we were walking around trying to figure out what to get for lunch. One place has the audacity to say they have Chinese, Thai and a few other style of foods, if you can’t make up your mind I won’t try your food. Walking the streets we finally decided to try Bangkok Balcony since neither of us had ever been there. Bangkok Balcony is on Forbes but is located upstairs in their building, so yes there are some stairs to climb. Walking in for the first time I was very impressed with the decor, it was bright and colorful and very open. We were seated by the window of the restaurant which allows you to look down onto Forbes, which was a pretty awesome seat. All the tables along the window were only for 2 people, so if you go with a group you won’t get as great of a view but still worthy of going.

Unfortunately looking back neither of us asked for our waitresses name, and she was an amazing waitress. The thing that caught our attention first about Bangkok Balcony was the sign on the street that had a few special drinks written on it “Pineapple Margarita and Mango Mojito”. Our waitress told me she made mine and it was awesome and really strong (just the way I like it!).

We asked for her opinion on what she recommended since we have never been there, which she was really surprised it was our first time eating there. She recommended the crab rangoon and said it was her favorite appetizer. So we ordered the along with Mussels and Steamed Dumpling. The crab rangoon was excellent, you could taste the crab and there was also a great flavor combined with the deep fried wonton wrapper and cream cheese inside. I would get this over and over again. The steam dumplings were good, but no different than any other dumpling I have ever had. I think the stand out appetizer were the mussels. I have gone to seafood restaurants who have their star dish as mussels and haven’t been impressed with them as much as I was at Bangkok Balcony. Just like in the main entrees you get to pick your level of spice with the mussels, they were just an incredible appetizer that I will be ordering over and over again.

Onto the main event, the day we went was very hot and our waitress recommended going with a noodle dish since it was a hot day. The 2 dishes she recommended were Pad Thai (which is a classic) or the Bean Thread Noodles. I decided to go classic and I am glad I did, because the Pad Thai at Bangkok Balcony is probably the best I have had yet. Each time I got to a new Thai restaurant I enjoy the food more and more. If you are like me and never went to Bangkok Balcony before, it is worth the trip and you should go ASAP!


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