Cibo – August 14, 2012

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Can you tell I’ve been in the mood for Italian?! I have to scold myself for not visiting Cibo sooner only because they are in Regent Square and I live in Swissvale. Since Cibo first opened I’ve been wanting to go and finally this week I took the time to make this meal happen.

A few weeks back at the Pittsburgh Magazine Best Restaurants party Cibo was there and I was hooked on their Stuffed Dates. So when visiting the restaurant I had to make sure this meal started with the Stuffed Dates which are ground lamb and fontina filled dates wrapped in bacon and topped with goat cheese. These are excellent and are a must try on your visit, I only wish you get more than 4 (keep them wanting more I guess lol). We also ordered Sautéed Prince Edward Island Mussels in white wine. The mussels didn’t come close to the stuffed dates. The white wine didn’t bring much flavor to the dish at all. We were even a little upset with the quality of the mussels. I would pass on those next time.

Onto the main event of the evening, I ordered the Spaghetti Putanesca. Ever since I started watching Food Network years ago I remember hearing of Spaghetti Putanesca and every show always had a story to tell about this dish. This dish is named after the “ladies of the night” (going to try to keep it PG here lol) and I’ve heard various stories behind the name. This dish was supposed to be quick to make in between “customers” or the ladies would make the dish to try and lure “customers”. Whatever the real story is the dish is quite interesting. Spaghetti with Cherry tomatoes sautéed with hot peppers, capers, and kalamata olives. I’ve never had this dish before and what made me order it was that it is supposed to be a spicy dish. Was it spicy? A little, I could’ve used a little more heat. This dish is unlike any other pasta I have ever had with the peppers, capers and kalamata olives. At first I couldn’t tell if I liked the flavors mixed together, but I decided as I worked through the meal that all the flavors combined created a pretty tasty dish. I may not get the Putanesca next time I go to Cibo, just so I can try something different, but I would definitely give Putanesca a try again.


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