Hoffstot’s Cafe Monaco – August 13, 2012

Hoffstot's Cafe Monaco on Urbanspoon

For my grandmothers birthday the other day the whole family decided to visit Hoffstot’s in Oakmont. I have never been there before, but most of my family mentioned it’s been years since their last trip. Going in I honestly had no idea of what to expect, but was quickly impressed. Hoffstot’s decor was very simple and elegant.

Once seated we all began to contemplate what appetizers to order. I just returned from vacation and wasn’t sure if I was up for any more seafood, but I noticed the heavily influenced Italian menu and decided to go for the Fried Calamari. The menu lists them as “Tender slices of marinated calamari, lightly breaded & deep fried till golden brown. Served with stone crab mustard sauce and lemon.” If you take a look at the picture above, the size of the calamari was huge. I had calamari a few times while on vacation and it was nothing like this. The calamari truly was tender and the breading had a nice crisp crunch. I hate when calamari is served with marinara sauce, just doesn’t do anything for me, so the “stone crab mustard sauce” helped sell me on the dish. This sauce didn’t do much for me either, I didn’t get a whole lot of flavor from it, however the fried calamari by themselves was enough for the dish to hit a home run in my book.

My main course was the Chicken Parmigiana. Hoffstot’s takes a different take on the breading of the chicken parmigiana “Egg batter fried chicken breast baked with Provolone cheese, topped with our own tomato sauce.” The chicken itself was pounded thin and very tender and the tomato sauce was excellent. The only problem I had with this dish is that I missed the crunch to the breading since it was just an egg batter. My cousin ordered the Blackenzola which is a “Filet Mignon lightly blackened in a cast iron then topped with melted Gorgonzola and splashed with a Balsamic reduction.” OH… MY… GOD! I tried a piece of this and it was FANTASTIC! It quickly made me wish I ordered it instead because the filet itself was cooked perfectly and melted in your mouth. The melted Gorgonzola on top along with the balsamic reduction increased the flavor from the filet and made this easily one of the best steaks I have ever tried. If and when I return to Hoffstot’s, this will be the meal I order next.

The service at Hoffstot’s was excellent as well, but just to let you know this is not the type of restaurant where you are going to rush in and out. Hoffstot’s is the type of place where you go to enjoy the whole meal, everything takes time and is worth it when it comes time to eat.



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