Roman Bistro – August 26, 2012

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Walking in through the large wooden door into Roman Bistro I couldn’t believe that this restaurant was in Forrest Hills. To the right when you walk in is a large piano and straight ahead is an amazing looking bar. Besides being a restaurant Roman Bistro focuses on being a bottle/cigar shop, unfortunately this trip I will only focus on the food (I will save the bottle/cigar shop for a return trip). The floor in the seating area is all wooden floor which provides a clean look to the restaurant.

Looking over the menu one of the first things that caught my eye was the fried calamari with basil remoulade. One thing I hate with calamari is marinara sauce, it just doesn’t do anything for me with calamari so I am always looking for someone who provides a different sauce. The basil remoulade peeked my interest and was the first thing I ordered. When it came to the table I was impressed with the look because it was the closest I have seen to the Fish Market in the Waterfront. Very few places fry the calamari crispy just the way I like it and even give the little baby octopus with the rings and Roman Bistro did both. The basil remoulade was a nice touch on the side and I would order this again on my next visit.

There were plenty of items that caught my eye on the menu for dinner between entrees, sandwiches and flat breads. At the end of the day I was in the mood for a burger and decided to have the Bistro Burger which has crispy pork belly, fried egg, porter mustard, and slaw. Honestly, the crispy pork belly is what sold me on this burger. The burger was cooked excellent and seasoned perfectly, the crispy pork belly worked well with everything and I can say not one thing was overpowering. The fresh cut fries were a nice touch too, I always give bonus points for fresh cut fries and chips, they reminded me of primanti’s fries.

There is so much on the menu food and beverage wise that I want to try that I need to make a return trip ASAP. The flat breads really caught my eye. My meal and service was great which will make my return trip happen sooner rather than later.

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