Month: February 2013

OTB (Over The Bar) Bicycle Cafe – February 26, 2013

Rapidfire Shifters tacos
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If there is one thing I like, it’s Taco Tuesday! So many places offer deals for it around Pittsburgh, but last night I found myself with some friends at OTB (Over The Bar) Bicycle Cafe in South Side. I’m not a bicyclist at all, the only bike I ride is stationary at the gym (when I actually make it to the gym). Bicycle Cafe or not, I was getting some tacos! I had visited OTB briefly a couple months back, but last night I made sure I enjoyed the whole trip to blog about them.

We started the night off with the “Rapidfire Shifters”. I’m not a fan of fried mozzarella sticks, but when I saw these were hot pepper cheese sticks I had to try them. You get 5 in an order and it’s served with marinara and ranch. I like most anything spicy, and I would order these over and over again! 5 was probably the perfect amount for the order because my share that I ate was just enough without me wanting to reach for water. I think the Rapidfire Shifters are good enough just to make the trip.

Now what did I actually go for? TACOS! OTB offers 3 types for Taco Tuesday: chicken ($1 each), beef ($1 each) or Portobello mushroom ($2 each). The Portobello mushroom is my favorite, I’m not sure what the mushrooms are marinated in but it is fantastic. All tacos come with salsa and guacamole on them and sour cream on the side. The best part of the tacos, they are all soft shell and the tortilla is grilled. You get a nice hint of the grill char in bites and it just adds to the overall taco experience. I think every place should grill their soft shell taco tortillas! Forget steaming, grilling is where it’s at!

The only thing I DO NOT recommend on Taco Tuesday is their margarita’s… no bueno.


Pittsburgh Lenten Fish Fry Map

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