TAIPEI – Tuesday April 9, 2013

Amazing Chicken TAIPEI on Urbanspoon

I first heard about TAIPEI about 10 years ago when I started college and after 10 years I finally made the trip! The first thing I tried was the Tai Pei Maki Roll – Spicy Tuna, Crab meat and avocado topped with seared black peppered Salmon with Teriyaki sauce, tobiko and tempura flakes. I would recommend this, it had plenty of flavor in it and wasn’t just an average Maki Roll. 8 pieces came with it and was too much, even after I shared it with the table.

My dinner was the Amazing Chicken, which is fried white meat chicken, crispy coated in a secret spicy brown sauce. The time this dish arrived at the table I knew I made the right choice because it smelled fantastic! I’ve had other Amazing Chicken before, the flavor in this dish beat a lot of others. The only complaint I had is that I wish the chicken would’ve been a little more crispy on the outside.

Something we were surprised about is that after dinner a plate of sliced oranges were brought to our table. I’ve been to many Chinese restaurants and this was new. Our waitress told us it was something that they do for all dinners, we guess to clean the palate after dinner and depending on the time of year the oranges could be sweet or sour, they happened to be sweet right now.

I would recommend TAIPEI and will go back again, hopefully not in another 10 years. I have also heard good things about Jimmy Wans which is around the same area as TAIPEI, I plan on visiting them soon.


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