Shelly Pie

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I’m sure at some point, whether or not you are a lifer or have only lived in Pittsburgh a short time, that you have heard about something called a “Vinnie Pie”. Vincent’s Pizza Park in Forrest Hills closed last year (but is reopening soon) and many in Pittsburgh have been going through withdrawl. A friend of my sisters was telling me recently of a place called “Shelly Pie” that is supposed to be very similar to a “Vinnie Pie”. So last week I decided I would take a trip down to see what the Shelly Pie is like.

First the Shelly Pie comes in the traditional cardboard bottom and paper wrapping that we all know from Vincent’s. Open up the paper, traditional pool of grease in the middle? Oh Yes! Just by looks so far the Shelly Pie does come close. I ordered sausage and mushrooms, overall the pie was pretty good. It even had a little char on the bottom like a “Vinnie Pie” (hopefully the Shelly Pie isn’t cigarette ashes like Vincent’s lol). I think the only real difference was that a “Vinnie Pie” was always pilled high with toppings and the “Shelly Pie” wasn’t, there could’ve been more sausage and mushroom on it.

I will say that the “Vinnie Pie” was never my favorite, I would get it from time to time, but in my opinion it wasn’t the best pie in Pittsburgh (that award goes to Mineo’s in my book). The Shelly Pie does a good job filling the void for those looking for a Vinnie Pie until they reopen in June. I think the real test for the Shelly Pie will be when Vincent’s opens again and compare them side by side. Maybe that will be another blog down the road.

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