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Last week I was traveling to Orlando, so while in the airport I thought why not grab some lunch at Bar Symon. I’ve been looking forward to checking this place out ever since I heard it was going to open. Inside it has a modern feel to it, with some color combinations that give off a cool grunge look and feel.

One of my biggest complaints is that if you order a burger that is all you get. If you want fries you need to order them separate. I also tried to find a menu online for Bar Symon but I couldn’t so I don’t have as many details for the burger as I would normally like to list.

French Onion Burger – The main reason I ordered this burger was because it was listed as a being part of a burger competition and I wanted to see how it was. It had caramelized onions, bacon and cheese. It was really messy. I ordered the burger well and got medium. I ate it because I have no problem with it, but it doesn’t give me much hope for the cooks. When eating a burger I prefer a bun that has some substance to it and won’t get soggy. Bar Symon uses a soft bun, so not only was the bun soft to begin with it got even softer and messier with everything on it.

Lola Fries with Rosemary and Parmesan – As I mentioned before you have to order the fries separate from the burger. That’s a big strike in my book. Even worse is that the fries were awful. They are fried so hard I don’t think there was any potato left inside. Plus if you can tell in the picture the Parmesan is just grated and thrown on top. Rosemary and Parmesan fries sound excellent, but these were just awful.

All together with my meal Bar Symon got 3 strikes. For the longest time I was upset that Bar Symon was inside the airport and that I wasn’t sure when I would get the opportunity to check it out. Now I am happy it is inside the airport and probably won’t ever have to eat their again.


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