Sideline’s Bar and Grill

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A few weeks back I went to Sideline’s during a Pens game (still don’t want to talk about the Pens). I have heard great things about Sideline’s for a few years, especially being voted best wings, and figured it was time to give them a try. Many places like to claim they have the best wings in Pittsburgh, so the question is does Sideline’s live up to the hype?

On the pictures above I ordered the Ranch Buffalo and Garlic Parm. The picture next to it is my buddy’s order, I believe he got Honey Mustard on the left but on the right was “Banger’s N Mash”. Yupp those are chicken wings with mashed potatoes and gravy! The waitress described them like “Thanksgiving on a Wing”. I tried one of the “Banger’s N Mash” and it was definitely something I’ve never had before or expected to have, but wasn’t bad. I’m not sure I would get them on my next visit, but I’m glad I tried one.

The wings themselves were fried crispy which I like and the sauces were pretty good too. I was more a fan of the Garlic Parm than the Ranch Buffalo. The night I went the place was packed for the Pens game and it made the service suffer unfortunately, so I would not recommend going on a game night of any kind (unless maybe Pirates lol). I was checking out their website and Wednesday night is Wing Night ($2.75 Labatt variety bottles or 16oz draft until midnight and $2.00 Long Islands 10pm-midnight and Wing specials 7pm-midnight). It doesn’t go into detail what Wing Night really is, but I think the next time I go it will be on a Wednesday to give them another try. Overall I enjoyed the wings, they weren’t the best wings I’ve ever had (that honor still goes to Wings Suds & Spuds in Moon Twp in my opinion) but I will definitely return to Sideline’s and try some other sauces.

One thought on “Sideline’s Bar and Grill

  1. This company is DIRTY, they have a bartender who stinks and smells like a bum..most of the time the bartenders pick and choose their customers since they kno who tips the best since theres regulars.. the cooks literally sweat on everyones food cause the kitchen is so small and hott, They serve food after its been DROPPED ON THE FLOOR.. they only care about the employees that are family! DO NOT EAT HERE, DO NOT WORK HERE! they say they will pay good and that you will have room to move up, how? how can you move up when all of their management are all close FRIENDS AND FAMILY. you have been WARNED! well unless you LIKE eating food that has been on a dirty floor and has been perspired on!!

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