Station Street

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I have been to Kevin Sousa’s other restaurants (Salt of the Earth and Union Pig & Chicken) and have enjoyed them. So the last place I really needed to check out was Station Street. While Station Street offers other items outside of hot dogs (like sandwiches and tacos) I decided to stick to the true essence of Station Street during this trip.

I ordered the Chili Cheese Dog, New York Dog and french fries. The french fries were fresh-cut and were very good. I added some malt vinegar to them (provided at the counter) and was good enough that I can’t wait to go back and even try them as the poutine version. I’ve never had poutine so I am really looking forward to that on the next trip.

The dogs were excellent. I love when a place has hot dogs in the natural casing to provide that little crunch when you bite into it. I liked the sauerkraut on the New York dog; it was cooked enough for flavor but didn’t have much bite to it. I would definitely get the New York Dog again. After the NY Dog I was pretty full, 1 hot dog is enough for future trips. However, I still had to make room for the Chili Cheese Dog. The brisket chili had a nice kick to it, usually the chili on dogs are basic. The cheese curds were something different for a chili cheese dog and provided a lot of melted cheesy goodness in each bite.

I took my dad on this trip and he was telling me about his trips to Station Street when it used to be under previous owners when he worked in East Liberty. The food and stories made this a great memorable first trip to Station Street.

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