Oh My Grill Mobile Food Truck

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Not too long ago I discovered the PGH Taco Truck by my office in the North Hills when it was at Coffee Buddha. So I started to follow them on facebook and twitter. Last week I was on facebook and they posted that Oh My Grill would be joining them at Coffee Buddha for lunch hours. So I thought that would be a perfect chance to check out my second food truck in Pittsburgh!

I ordered the “Number One” Smoked Gouda & White Cheddar + Bacon & Caramelized Onions w/ Chive Cream Dipper. If a classic grilled cheese is for kids, this “Number One” is for the adults! Everything was good on this sandwich, the toasted outside with the buttery goodness and then bacon with a little smoke and bite from all that cheese. The chive cream dipper was something different for a dip instead of tomato soup like when I was a kid (even though Oh My Grill does offer a Tomato Soup Dipper).

I also ordered the Parmesan Spinach Balls. These were a nice addition to the meal, good flavor. What really made this side was the sriracha drizzle on top. That sauce was excellent; I wouldn’t mind having that as a dip for my grilled cheese next time.

So far I am very happy with my first 2 food truck experiences in Pittsburgh. I can’t wait for the next adventure!

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