Verde Mexican Kitchen & Cantina

verde Verde Mexican Kitchen & Cantina on Urbanspoon

Last week was “Pittsburgh Restaurant Week” and I had plans to try and visit a few places offering specials. I ended up just going to one place, Verde. Verde has been on my radar for a while now and I was really anticipating going. Before entering Verde most parking is all on street. We did find that behind Verde, just up the hill a bit, there are a few reserved spots for Verde customers. When you go to Verde you will notice its modern setting with indoor and outdoor seating, garage style doors, lighted bar and pretty cool lighting throughout the restaurant in general (see the food pic, that isn’t any lighting effects from my phone, its all Verde).

When we sat down we were given chips and tomatillo salsa. The salsa was good, the chips however were stale. Not sure if they are prepared fresh daily, if they are they must’ve been made early that day. We also ordered guacamole, it wasn’t the best guacamole I’ve ever had (check out Emiliano’s for that honor).

For the main event I ordered Tamales de Brisket – Smoked brisket and masa steamed in corn husks, mango jalapeno BBQ sauce, rice & beans. The masa which is most of this meal wasn’t good. It had no flavor to it, what it had was just bland. The savior of this dish was the mango jalapeno BBQ sauce that was pretty tasty. It wasn’t enough to save the meal however.

I wouldn’t recommend Verde to anyone, I could think of a bunch of better Mexican restaurants in Pittsburgh to visit. From the percentage on Urbanspoon I can see I’m not the only one who wasn’t a fan of Verde.

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