Blake Tarr (The Return….. from culinary purgatory!!!!) [Pittsburgh Coffee/Tea Shop Reviews]

It has been awhile since I have had the pleasure of giving feedback at Yinz Hungry?, thus I hope that absence truly does makes heart grow fonder.

‘Where was Blake?’ many of you may ask. You see, Blake loves “food!” Real “food;” not your ‘let me make your plate pretty with an inedible herbivore garnish’ which was never meant to be ingested by anything under the homo sapiens classification, adding a pleasant aesthetic food, but real ‘let me die happy with steak and glass of ‘Merican Bourbon “food!”’  Culinary striking delicate masterpieces take a backseat to quality cuisine served out aluminum foil by a man named ‘Bo’ who lost a finger or two in a pig roast accident in ’73. If the portion size is only fit to satisfy a stomach the size of a tufted titmouse then “Houston, we have a problem.”

Thus while Pittsburgh is currently experiencing a culinary revolution, expert cuisine from all regions of the globe, Blake is standing in the field the “The Last Samurai” waiting to commit seppuku with a plate of cheesy curly fries and a Reuben when asked ‘Would I like a side of lemongrass and a PBR?’ Ok truth comes out, Blake distains hipsters!

Management (cough….cough), feels Yinz Hungry? needs to be a bias-free environment where we help our readers understand the great landscape and explore Pittsburgh cuisine, thus Blake gets sent to the dreaded “field-duty”…. culinary purgatory, while I learn to appreciate food. Here is what we will be doing. As this summer ends, we have begun to survey and review various coffeeshops and teahouses around the Pittsburgh region. We will then provide “unbiased” analysis. Thus please don’t hesitate to send us your favorite cozy coffee locations and we shall do our best to provide you with the Yinz Hungry? touch. Of course if they serve food it is a bonus but not required. Yes, management finds it amusing to send Blake to coffeeshops … . the place where hipsters spawn like salmon. Call it sensitivity training if you will.

Note from “Management”: Blake’s blogs will be featured in our new “Yinz Thirsty?” section. Be on the look out for Blake’s blogs and all the new “Yinz Thirsty?” blogs in the near future!

3 thoughts on “Blake Tarr (The Return….. from culinary purgatory!!!!) [Pittsburgh Coffee/Tea Shop Reviews]

    1. Thanks for your feedback James!

      As for your suggestion: GLORIOUS! HOT DOG STANDS and food trucks = BRILLIANT! Blake would love for Yinz Hungry? to undertake this! After discussing with (***cough cough**) “Management”, we shall see if this can be undertaken at once.

      – Blake Tarr

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