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The other day I was online and saw someone post a picture of a sandwich at Szmidt’s. I did a quick google search to see where Szmidt’s is and luckily found out it isn’t too far from me in Greenfield. Over the weekend I decided to take a quick trip over and have lunch.

I pulled up and noticed Szmidt’s has some outdoor seating and even had a chalkboard outside with the day’s specials. I walk in and the inside is small, they have a high top table and then seating around a counter along the window. They have a big menu board above the deli case and cashier. TONS of items on the menu!

I ordered the “Joe” which is grilled pastrami and corned beef, swiss cheese and Szmidt’s mustard on homemade grilled rye. I also ordered a side of 2 “Thanksgiving” pierogies. The “Joe” was incredible! I hate ordering a pastrami or corned beef sandwich that is dried out, but this sandwich was juicy and flavorful. The mustard paired nicely with the pastrami to provide an extra kick to the sandwich. When I think of a deli sandwich this really is what you should expect. Plus the corned beef and pastrami were pilled on high, you won’t go home hungry after eating this!

The “Thanksgiving” pierogies caught my attention on their “New World” selection. Inside was turkey and stuffing and they came with a side of gravy. I would definitely have these again and would like to try some of their other selections. It’s now fall which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner, if you need a quick fix before the holiday I recommend a quick trip to Szmidt’s for these pierogies!

The staff was very quick with getting the food out and were very friendly. Everyone that worked behind the counter made sure to ask how the food was and see if we were doing alright. For the quick 10 minute drive it takes me to get to Szmidt’s I can see myself having lunch on the weekends their a lot more.


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  1. Someone just told me of your blog and also “Cooking With Mr. C.” on Facebook. (also a blog) I just “Liked” his Facebook page and came to your blog. It’s wonderful. I love when people share blogs with each other. Denise

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