Jim’s Drive In

jims Jim's Drive in on Urbanspoon

There are some places that I go to so regularly that when I think back if I’ve blogged them or not I get surprised when I haven’t. Jim’s Drive In is one of those places that I have been going to for years and can’t believe I haven’t done a blog on them yet. I have been going to Jim’s Drive In for as long as I can remember, my dad has taken me there for years and he has been going even longer. Jim’s is a great find if you take the time to look for it. When you find Jim’s you park your car and walk up to the window to place your order. There are some picnic tables outside to sit or you can eat in your car, but we usually just take it home to eat.

My usual order is a Cheeseburger and Cheese Dog both with Jim’s special sauce and onions. I didn’t know until today when I was checking out their website that the cheese dog with sauce and onions is called “Jim’s Special Hot Dog”. The special sauce is great, it has a tomato paste base and a blend of spices that provide a nice little kick to the hot dog and cheeseburger. As much as I do love the sauce, what really makes the food for me is the cheese that melts under the broiler! When put under the broiler it not only toasts the buns to perfection but the cheese melts and really grips the hot dog bun and locks all the flavor of the sauce and onion inside. You haven’t had a great hot dog experience in Pittsburgh until you have visited Jim’s Drive In!

If you want to learn more about Jim’s or their Famous Sauce, check out their website – http://jimsfamoussauce.com/jimsfamoussauce.php

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