Nied’s Hotel

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Nied’s Hotel has been on the top of my list for fish sandwiches for a few years now, finally I was able to stop down last week! I have to say that besides the food, the service was incredible! First, I called just to make sure they served lunch. I was told on the phone that yes they are open and that they are “serving up delicious fish sandwiches!”. Well if I wasn’t planning on ordering the fish to start I was definitely sold on it now! We walk in the door to the bar and the bartender let’s us know if we want a table we can walk around to the dinning room side. We walk over to the dinning room and a gentleman (who I later find out is the owner) tells us to come on in the water is fine!

We sit down, check out the menu a few minutes. I decide to go with the fish sandwich with cheese. While we wait for our food the owner, Jimmy, stops over to our table and begins chatting. He begins telling us about the history of Nied’s along with the Nied’s Hotel Band and their upcoming show. We tell him we have been wanting to come during lent and he tells us during lent it’s a madhouse, that we picked a good time to come.

The fish sandwich was excellent! For a fried fish sandwich, it was very light. The breading had a nice crisp crunch when you bite into it. I can really see why this has been such a popular fish sandwich in Pittsburgh all these years. Between the great fish sandwich and the polite company of Jimmy and our server, this was one of the best first experiences at a restaurant I have had in a long time! Just stopping in for lunch we were all treated like family and I think that is one of the best things I can say about any place I can go. So if you haven’t gone to Nied’s Hotel, this is a must try! I can see why urbanspoon lists them at a 95% approval rating!


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