Month: December 2013


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Here we go, my final blog of 2013! I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! My goal was to blog at least once a month in 2013 and I accomplished that goal. I’m going to continue that in 2014 and hopefully add another goal to that list.

I tried to visit the Blue Line Grille a few weeks back when I went to see Jeff Dunham at Consol but there was a 2 hour wait. So I lucky enough to try again this past weekend when I went to the Three Rivers Classic. As I looked over the menu there are a bunch of things I want to try. I decided to try a few of the big items first. For the first period I went with the Montreal Poutine Frites, which are a BLG Signature Item, and are fries with fresh Canadian cheese curds with house made pan gravy. These were fantastic! I’ve been wanting to try Poutine for a while now and these were worth the wait. The fries were fresh cut but also crispy, that was a nice surprise for fresh cut fries and the cheese and gravy didn’t make them soggy. These will be ordered every time I visit BLG from now on!

The second period I got an order of the Boneless Pens Wings with Peruvian Chimichurri sauce. Our server gave this sauce recommendation and I was a big fan! The boneless wings were crispy and a surprise was the blue cheese dressing on the side. I don’t think I’ve ever had better blue cheese. So far BLG is 2 for 2!

The third period was the main event, I ordered “The Old Two-Niner” Burger and comes with pepper jack cheese, wild mushrooms and franks red hot. Since I already had fries as an appetizer I decided to try the buffalo slaw. I’m not a big coleslaw fan, but when I was told this had hot sauce and blue cheese so I figured I’d try it. I wasn’t crazy about the buffalo slaw, the hot sauce and blue cheese didn’t do enough for me. Plus the whole sidedish was overpowered by onion. The burger itself was good, I could’ve used some more hot sauce on the burger or possibly some of that blue cheese I was a fan of earlier. Now I know for my next trip.

I was a big fan of Blue Line Grille and really can’t wait for a return trip. I need to check out the website to see if they have a wing night because my friends would really like to check out the wings here for our monthly wing night.


Round Corner Cantina

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I have visited Round Corner Cantina in the past just for happy hour or something but I recently made my first trip to Round Corner Cantina just for the food. I haven’t ventured to too many restaurants in Lawrenceville yet, that will be on my to do list in 2014. However, I wasn’t that impressed with my trip to Round Corner Cantina.

We ordered some chips and guacamole to start, I wasn’t crazy about the guacamole. To me it really lacked flavor. They give you a dish of it with lime and jalapeno but it just did nothing for me. I stuck with the salsa and that was pretty much forgettable.

Onto the main event, I ordered 2 types of tacos: Carnitas and Chorizo. Each order comes with 2 tacos. Carnitas – Slow roast pork, cucumber, onion, radish, cilantro. My sister told us this was her favorite and we should try it. This was my least favorite. What really ruined the dish for me was the cucumber. I like cucumber but it tasted like the cucumber had been pickled and well pickles just don’t go well with tacos. It was too overpowering for my taste. I didn’t care much for the pork by itself either, it was under seasoned and I think they were trying to cover that up with the cucumber, onion, radish and cilantro.

I also ordered the Chorizo Con Papas – House made chorizo, onion, radish, cilantro. The chorizo wasn’t bad, I thought it had a decent flavor to it. However, like the first one there wasn’t really anything special about it.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend the food unless you are planning on drinking at the bar in the front and just need something in your stomach. I doubt I will ever go back for the food again.