Month: January 2014

Pamela’s P & G Diner (Millvale)

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It’s been years since I’ve been to Pamela’s, so recently at work when it was brought up to go for lunch I was all about it. We actually made 2 trips recently which gave me more to talk about. The cool thing about Pamela’s in Millvale is that it sits inside the Lincoln Pharmacy which gives it that throwback diner feel. With it being so cold this month I wasn’t about to try a milkshake or anything from the soda fountain, but it will give me something to go back for when it warms up.

My first trip I ordered the P&G Diner Burger which is a 1/2 lb. burger topped with fried jalapeno, onion straws, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, ketchup & mayo on a Kaiser roll. The fried jalapeno and onion straws is what really convinced me to order this. It was ok, the burger had to of been a frozen patty because it looked and tasted that way. I enjoyed the shoe string french fries with it, too many places give crinkle cut fries anymore. I can’t say I would order this again.

The second trip I decided to try the Lincoln Breakfast which comes with 2 of Pamela’s famous crepe hotcakes, a helping of Lyonnaise Potatoes, eggs and bacon. It is rare for me to eat breakfast for any other meal except for in the morning. I am glad that I ordered this for lunch because I have become an instant fan of the hotcakes! Those crispy edges are what really sold me. They aren’t thick so you can eat a few of them and not hate yourself.

I can easily see why these are President Obama’s favorite pancakes! I don’t live too far from the Sq Hill location (and their new “Nu Modern Jewish Bistro” which I have to visit ASAP) so I have a feeling I will be visiting them in the not too far off future.



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If you are looking for Rustic Greek Mediterranean Cuisine, Mediterrano is the place for you. Voted Pittsburgh Magazine’s Best Mediterranean Restaurant in 2012, Mediterrano has done so much in their 3 years in business. Entering Mediterrano you get a very warm feeling that helps by its small intimate surroundings.

The first thing we decided to order was the Hummus Sampler. This changes daily, that night we had classic, spicy and spinach. The Hummus Sampler is served with warm pita. All were great, of course as long as the classic hummus tastes good it can only go up from there. I’ve even ordered this a few times to go since my visit.

The Village salad is easily one of my favorite things on the menu. Vine-ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, red onions, kalamata olives, feta, and Greek oregano, with garlic croutons, dressed with Mediterrano house vinaigrette. I ordered the smaller portion for this meal, but usually the larger portion is what I get. While this may be great by itself, add some lamb on top if you really want to make it a meal.

For my main event I had Moussaka, how much more traditional can you get. Layers of lightly sautéed eggplant, zucchini, and potato, with aromatic meat sauce and béchamel. Absolutely delicious and it will make you want to order it every time you visit Mediterrano (this wasn’t my first).

If you have never been to Mediterrano I highly suggest you schedule a visit ASAP! A little bonus tip for when you go, the spinach & feta pizza is fantastic!