Pho Van


IMG_4023Pho Van on Urbanspoon

Until I recently made a trip to Pho Van for lunch I hadn’t tried Vietnamese cuisine. I am always up for trying something new and Pho Van was a perfect choice. It was a cold day when I went, so the weather was fitting to have a warm bowl of Pho.

Going in we decided to order a couple appetizers, mostly I did this just because I wasn’t sure how large of a portion and how filling the Pho would be. We ordered the fried shrimp rolls and the chicken skewer. The chicken as you see in the picture above came out in pieces, which surprised me because of the name I expected chicken on a stick. Both were great starts, the chicken skewers had teriyaki sauce on them and made for a light appetizer to start.

My main dish was the Pho – well done brisket / Pho chin. When the bowl first arrived I was surprised how large of a portion you get with Pho. The brisket was on top and looked like a large portion as well, but as I moved the contents of the bowl around I noticed that it was mostly filled with rice noodles. The brisket was good and helped flavor the dish. I can honestly say after searching YouTube I’m not sure if there is a proper way to eat Pho, but I did my best. With the broth, noodles and brisket, by the time I finished my bowl of Pho I was filled and had warm soup belly.

I enjoyed my first try of Pho and look forward to trying different dishes in the future.


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