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After recently visiting Melt in Cleveland, some friends recommended The Yard in Shadyside. The Yard is described as an American Gastropub for Gourmet Pub Food & Craft Beer. The attraction at The Yard is their beer selection and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

Going in and looking at the menu their were a couple items that sounded good but, when I came across “YINZ GUYS HUNGRY?” I honestly couldn’t pass up an item so closely associated with this blog. Yinz Guys Hungry is basically a Primanti’s style sandwich with Provolone / Steak / Cole Slaw / French Fries / Tomato. The bread the ingredients are sandwiched between is great, I’m guessing homemade but not sure about that. The sandwich itself let me down, I can only describe it as a poor man’s Primanti’s sandwich that lacked a lot of flavor. The plus side to this sandwich was that it wasn’t as monstrous as a Primanti’s sandwich but the downside was that each ingredient on the sandwich itself was very limited. For a gourmet grilled cheese the cheese really wasn’t a highlight. I’m not saying I won’t be back to The Yard but I know this won’t be a choice I will ever order again.

Usually the gourmet grilled cheese comes with tomato soup and fries, I upgraded the soup to the mac and cheese and got the parmesan garlic fries. The mac and cheese was similar to the sandwich, bland and could use more seasoning or any flavor whatsoever. The highlight of the meal was the parmesan garlic fries, they actually had proper seasoning on the fries and the parmesan garlic brought an extra flavor to them.

After we had all ate, we were talked into dessert. The table decided to try “CAUSE WE GOT HIGH” with Peanut Butter / Nutella / Bananas / Thick Cut Texas Toast / Battered / Deep Fried / Topped with Melted Marshmellow. WOW! It was good, don’t get me wrong as one of my friends put it the dish was American gluttony at its best, but I would recommend it if you need more food after having one of their sandwiches.


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