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Today’s Matches are:

Wings Suds & Spuds (Moon) vs. Starlite Lounge (Blawnox)

Emilia’s Garden (Cheswick) vs. Woody’s Little Italy Restaurant (McKeesport)

Primanti’s vs. Fuel & Fuddle (Oakland)

Sesame Inn vs. The Green Mango

Blue Dust (Homestead) vs. Red Ring (on campus of Duquesne University)

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Emilia’s Garden Restaurant – August 5, 2009

Is it wrong to be in love with food? Emilia’s had that effect on me this week. For almost 2 years now my friend JJ has been telling me how great Emilia’s is, and finally taking the time to make my way out there this week was worth the drive. I think it can be hard to find true Italian food in Pittsburgh. My grandmother is where I get the majority of italian cooking and is where the standard is set, but I hate (with a passion) the Olive Garden and Bravo in the Waterfront, don’t even get me started on Lydia’s in the strip. Bravo in the North Hills is a decent place. Monte Cello’s (with their many locations) is a decent place as well, but when I want something GREAT, none of those places will do it for me. Emilia’s though, they got something there. The website says it all "Emilia’s Garden is a restaurant with a relaxing "feels like home" atmosphere and really good food".

Let me start off by saying how impressed I was at the menu, especially the lunch prices, nothing at lunch was over $8! And the portion size was something you would get for dinner. In this economy you can’t pass up a meal that can last you for 2 all for around $8!
Fettuccini Friggione – Take an italian hot sausage sandwich, loose the bun and replace it with fettuccini and cut up the sausage then add zucchini & peppers in a red sauce and that is what I had for lunch! The portion size was massive, this meal was my lunch and dinner. I don’t want to stress on the portion and take away anything from the flavor, because that was ridonculous! When the glands in the back of your mouth tingle and salivate you know you are onto something good. This meal also came with sides of homemade tuscan bread and a side salad that is accented by dressing that are made in house. I went with the sweet & sour dressing for the salad and was saving every little bit left over so I had something to dip the bread into. I think the primary goal of Emilia’s is FLAVOR, and if it is the mission they succeeded. I am looking forward to my return trip.

702 Gulf Lab Rd
Cheswick, PA 15024-1020
Phone- 724-274-0546
Web- http://www.emiliasgarden.com/

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