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Local Bar + Kitchen – March 24, 2011

Local just opened a few weeks ago on March 12, and last week was my boy Vic’s bday and since he works on the South Side we figured we would check out the new place for lunch. We sat at the bar, the downside was it being a work day and couldn’t have a liquid lunch, but the bar was fully stocked and it is def on my list to drink at soon to get the full effect. The whole atmosphere in the restaurant was cool, it had a loft apartment feel to it and I can really see this place being popular with the college crowd.


Onto the real reason we are here…THE FOOD!


I have to start with my favorite first, “Beat-the-Buffalo Bills Chicken Pizza” awesome name! Mild buffalo tossed chicken, banana pepper, mozzarella, provolone & fries with ranch on the side. Yea your taste buds are going into overdrive right now just reading that! First bite was flavor town, especially with the parmesan seasoning that was on the crust and pan just helped the flavors explode. The first few bites not bad, everything was flavorful and not a ton of heat, fries gave something unique to a pizza. Then BAM! I have had a lot of buffalo chicken items over the years; by far this was one of the best/spiciest I have ever had. I like to think I can take heat, and let me say the pizza wasn’t overkill, just every so often kick to the throat. I guess I have to give the warning that if you just like buffalo chicken where it has weak flavor, this pizza probably isn’t for you, but if you like some bite in your buffalo chicken, THIS IS A MUST TRY! If I do a Pizza Challenge again for this blog, Local is going to be on the list for sure.


A couple appetizers we tried were the Vegetable Spring Rolls & honey hot BBQ wings. The wings had a good hard fry on them which is the way I like them and the sauce was really good too. The Spring Rolls were nice, only downside is that they are supposed to come with a hot mustard or duck sauce and they were out of the hot mustard that day, no worries I understand early growing pains. I’m not a big fan of duck sauce, don’t really think it adds anything so I feel like I didn’t get the full affect of the spring rolls but I’ll make sure I try them again on the next visit. Vic got a “Big Fat Chubby Burgher” and it looked really good, gotta add that to the list too.


Local Bar + Kitchen opens daily at 11am and I recommend that you try them out in person and on the web:


16th and East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA

Phone – 412-431-8800

Web- http://localpgh.com/

Twitter – http://twitter.com/localpgh

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/localpgh

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