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Tilted Kilt – April 6, 2011

The Tilted Kilt on the North Shore opened up last Monday April 4, where Calico Jack’s used to be (so glad that place is gone). Some friends and I stopped down last Wednesday to give the place a try after work. The tag line of the Titled Kilt is “a cold beer never looked so good” and is definitely sports bar/restaurant. The bar is a decent size with a lot of seating around it along with tons of seating in the front of the restaurant and in back by the pool table and darts. I will try to refrain myself from discussing any of the … ahem… sights, and focus on the food and drinks.


I have to start off with what I didn’t like the most and that was the drinks. If you are going to the Titled Kilt for a beer, good call, but I thought that $5 was a little much for a draft. I then ordered a “Montgomery Tea” that has fresh brewed Tea, Lemonade and Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka. By far the Montgomery Tea was one of the worst alcoholic drinks I have ever had, the tea was good, but I couldn’t even taste any alcohol in it (if they even made it properly). That was by far my biggest disappointment with the Titled Kilt, I will probably never order a mixed drink again there.


Now onto the food…


Started with a signature appetizer, TK Irish Nachos “fresh-cooked crispy potato chips covered with cheese sauce, seasoned ground beef and tomatoes”. The potato chips were a cut thicker than an average potato chip, but they were pretty decent. If you read that description of the food, that is exactly what you got. I didn’t think the Irish Nachos were anything special and probably wouldn’t get them again, but it was worth trying out. Our waitress hyped the classic nachos with chicken, I plan on getting them next time. My friend got an order of the “Five Quid Squid” or calamari, and that was some of the worst calamari I have ever had it was fried too hard and was dry, the marinara sauce on the side couldn’t save it. Another friend got some wings to start with and ordered the TK Signature Sauce which is Sweet & Spicy, and also the most mild sauce on the menu. That was pretty tasty, it was sweet and had a great kick to it as well. I’m not sure if I could handle the hottest “Kilt Burner Sauce” but might try in the middle of just the “Titled Sauce”.


Now onto what saved the night for me…Fat Bastard’s Meatloaf Sandwich – “a generous portion of our made-from-scratch meatloaf served open faced on a hoagie, drizzled with our delicious Guinness BBQ Sauce and topped with shoestring onions. The meatloaf was alright, by itself it’s nothing to write home about, but the Guinness BBQ Sauce… that right there… saved the whole entire trip for me! I’m having a Homer Simpson right now just thinking about it! The Guinness BBQ Sauce was sweet with a kick and you could really taste the Guinness in it compared to some places that add stuff and is rare to taste. I would go back to the Tilted Kilt just for the Guinness BBQ Sauce (among a few other things, but I digress).


The night was ended with the Tilted Guilt – a partially baked Chocolate Chip or White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (I went with the White Chocolate) cookie served hot from the oven, topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup. This dessert was on point, I usually don’t eat dessert out but this sounded too good to pass up and I was really glad I didn’t. They might as well call in diabetes in a bowl!


Overall I wasn’t really impressed with the food at the Titled Kilt, would I go back to try some other stuff? Probably. Would I make it a regular spot? No. I might wait a few weeks to go back and see if some of the problems I had with the drinks and food were just early growing pains or if it seems to be recurring. I’m sure guys out there will def check it out ASAP just cause. If anyone does go, let me know what you think of the food and or anything else there…



353 Northshore Dr

Pittsburgh, PA, 15212

Phone – 412-235-7823


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Bubba’s Ugly – Visited Saturday April 4, 2009

Alright! We are up and running now baby! My first review in Pittsburgh Food is going to be a new place for me, Bubba’s Ugly on the North Shore. I tried to visit Ugly a few times before without any luck, and finally had the chance this past Saturday after a few other places I tried to visit had too long of a wait. Before I got to Ugly, I tried going to Hofbrauhaus in the South Side, I understand it is a new place but they had a 3 1/2 hour wait! R U SERIOUS?!? Then across the street is Claddagh’s, they had an 1 1/2 hour wait. So drove to the north shore for some Ugly and I think me and my buddy got the last 2 seats at the bar.

Why the visit?
Well as I said before, it wasn’t our first choice of the evening, and I plan on visiting those other two restaurants/bars in the future. I have heard of Ugly because a friend of mine and his family went to eat once before and enjoyed the food. I also read online a while back that they were voted best wings in Pittsburgh. So when a comment like "best wings" gets tossed around you have to try them.

Ugly Fries–  These could be the best cheese fries that I ever had. I don’t recall what the menu stated but especially because of the taste of the fries I am guessing they were homemade. They had a nice seasoning on them along with chopped jalapenos, nacho cheese, and then melted cheese on top. The French Onion dip that came on the side was a very taste and unique dip for the fries.

General Tso’s Ugly Wings– In the basket you get 12 wings, and by george they are some big azz wings. I joked with my buddy saying I think the chickens were on HGH. Would I call them the best wings in Pittsburgh? No. However, I would go back for seconds. Before going to Ugly I never knew of anybody to feature General Tso wing sauce, so I liked the little bit of creativity they had for the flavor. My buddy got BBQ wings, and he seemed to enjoy them as well, but I recall him saying he would’ve liked to have more kick to the BBQ.

Hangover Burger- No I wasn’t hungover, the burger was actually a pregame I guess before drinking. The burger was a decent size, but the two fried eggs that came on top of the burger really made the burger seem quite small. Overall, I enjoyed the burger, but would definitly not get a burger and wings at the same time ever again!

In between food, $5 Long Islands helped out as the peguins hockey game along with UNC vs. Villanova were on the great selection of HDTV’s Ugly has on display. Along with a pretty decent wait staff/bartender I would make Bubba’s Ugly a must on your list of Pittsburgh food visits.

208 Federal Street 
Pittsburgh, PA 15212