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I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and enjoyed a lot of great food too! This month I checked out Cuzamil twice, once on Cinco de Mayo and also last week. On Cino de Mayo the place was PACKED! My friend and I were lucky when we got to Cuzamil because we didn’t have to wait for a table even though the restaurant was busy, but that soon changed for most people who came after us, as we were leaving the wait was an hour. I know I was impressed with the food at Cuzamil along with the margaritas. A few weeks back I noticed Cuzamil for the first time and knew I had to check them out ASAP, what better day to do that then on Cinco de Mayo?!

On both trips I ordered Taco Dinners, the first was the Al Pastor (Pineapple Pork) and the second time was Ground Beef. The Al Pastor taco’s were delicious! The taco comes with rice and beans, if you have ever been to a Mexican restaurant I believe the rice and beans are pretty universal and can’t really say too much about them. Getting back to the taco’s, the pork was perfect and every bite had a nice hint of pineapple. The ground beef taco’s were good too, I find it very hard to mess those up.

The first trip I ordered a Chile Relleno and never received it, the second trip I ordered it and had some confusion on what I actually got. According to their menu a Chile Relleno is a ground beef and cheese ball, with a piece of bell pepper, battered and deep fried. That is exactly what I have seen on TV shows and other restaurants and that is what I wanted. When I ordered it, the waitress asked if I wanted the Chile Relleno or Chile Pablano? I asked what the difference was, I was told the Pablano was either chicken or pork with cheese in a pepper and that the relleno was just the pepper and cheese cut up. I ordered the Pablano with chicken. It was good, but I really wanted what the description said and was let down by that.

My main issues with Cuzamil was the Chile Relleno and the staff telling me the dish was something and the menu was something different. Also on Cinco de Mayo the place was packed and I really don’t think the staff was prepared to handle such a crowd. That was the main reason a second trip was necessary to see what the place is like on a normal day. The food was great both trips, but what will really bring me back is the margaritas! The first trip we ordered a pitcher of Mango margaritas and WOW did the tequila hit quickly! That pitcher went down real smooth! On my second trip we tried kiwi margaritas first, they were alright, but not as good as the mango and I couldn’t taste the tequila as much in the kiwi. I have a feeling for how close Cuzamil is to my house I might have to go back after work one day when I need a good margarita to chase the worries away!

Not sure what I will order next time I go back, a few friends have ordered the Cuzamil Platter which has a mix of everything and is really meant for at least 2 people to share. I may not know what food I will get, but I know there will be a pitcher of margaritas to wash it down for sure!

2109 Murray Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Phone – 412-521-3250
Web – http://www.cuzamilpgh.com/

Cuzamil Restaurante Mexicano on Urbanspoon


Yo Rita – July 31, 2009

This was BAD! The entire overall experience at Yo Rita was just bad…from the drinks to the food to the waitress…just bad. Yo Rita, which I am not sure how long they have been in the South Side, is a small location with a bar inside. Friday night when I arrived there was probably only 3 other tables and a few people sitting at the bar, not very busy. Our waitress had no personality which was a big problem for a place we have never been to before. We tried to get information from her on the meals and she really didn’t have much to say except for a word or two here and there. You get complimentary chips with 2 types of salsa at the table, and my opinion the salsa wasn’t bad but the chips were stale. I ate them because I was hungry. The salsa’s given were a fresh style and a hot, both had flavor and was a nice start. I then ordered a drink that was recommended to me, the cafe con tequila. This is where it started to go bad. The "cafe con tequila" features espresso beans, blanco tequila, and sugar (as the menu states it to be) for $5. When it arrived on the table I couldn’t believe it, the drink was no larger than a shot of espresso. I was expecting a normal sized drink here, and it really didn’t taste like much except for the espresso. The waitress who knew at this point we had never been here before should’ve explained the drink when I ordered it.

Peach Chipotle Soup- The guy who sat us at our table really sold us on this because of his description that it is a layered soup, you get the sweetness of the peach then get a kick. Well when our waitress then came by and we ordered the soup, it also came with either shrimp or tofu, I went with the shrimp. When the soup came out it was a cold soup, another thing that should’ve been explained. It really did have a lot of flavor to it and like the guy said it had layers to it. First sip you got a sweet taste and then it kicked you in the throat a bit, not harsh, just letting you know it was there. It was not a soup that could be finished though, after a while my buddy JJ described it best as a syrup. I think if it would’ve been heated, I will now call it a sauce, would go great as something to top one of the dishes with. It was tasty, but not the appropriate way to serve the "soup".

Next we ordered our "tacos". The main theme of Yo Rita is upscale tacos. I didn’t know what to expect, and that is the purpose of trying new places. If you look at Yo Rita’s menu each "taco" is priced from $3 – $7, this is PER TACO! Nothing comes with the taco except the taco and whatever they put on it.

Chorizo Taco- Topped with Manchego, Sweet Peppers, Pickeled Red Onion, & Aji Amarillo. The chorizo on this taco is what saved the entire evening. This was what you expect from chorizo, the spice to it was pretty awesome. Everything else on the taco didn’t really do anything for it, but the chorizo by itself was worth the trip.

Duck Taco- Topped with Sweet Potato, Jalapeno, Fig Chutney, Scallion, Cilantro. This is what the menu says, I don’t think all of that was on my taco. The duck wasn’t all that great, I have had duck and enjoy it from time to time. I do not recommend Yo Rita’s duck. The Fig Chutney almost had a citrus taste to it and think they tried to make a duck a l’Orange style taco. Failed.

Softshell Blue Crab Taco- Toped with Old Bay Aioli, Iceberg, Pico de Gallo, Habenero. I do not think habenero was on this taco either. The softshell blue crab was very good, but as a taco once again it failed. I think if this was a regular restaurant, they could’ve put everything on a pretzel roll or some type of good sandwich bread and this would be an awesome sandwich, but it doens’t do anything as a taco.

Final Thought
I will never be back.

1120 E Carson St
Pittsburgh, PA 15203-1158
Phone- 412-904-3557
Website- www.yoritasouthside.com

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