Peppi’s Sandwich Shop – August 8, 2009

Sorry that this posting is a little late, but better late than never. I live close to Peppi’s (wilkinsburg location) which is an old diner that they have made home. My buddy Vic has been telling me about this place since I started this blog, and a few weeks back I finally got the chance to visit Peppi’s for the first time. From the history I have heard about Peppi’s it really is deep in Pittsburgh tradition and all about the sports teams. So many team pictures and newpaper headlines were lining the windows of the old diner. The main location of Peppi’s is in the North Side, which I will try to venture to one day.

The #7 aka "The RoethlisBurger" – This sandwich reminds me of an old style loose-meat sandwich, but this was a mix of sausage and cheeseburger transformed to loose-meat. First time I have ever had a burger/sausage combo sandwich and it was damn tasty. You don’t get a taste of the burger than a taste of the sausage the flavor in a way can be described as layered because you get the taste of both together and it is amazing, but then you get a little bit of the heat from the sausage and then the american cheese helps out by balancing the tastes together. Just when you think you’re done you get the egg, just something extra to make your tastebuds bring all the flavor and textures together and say "DAMN THAT’S GOOD!".  All severed on a soft hoagie roll, which everybody knows is the backbone of a great sandwich, because if the bread is no good the sandwich literally just falls apart.

Final Thought
The menu at Peppi’s is pretty impressive, and there is enough on it that sounds great to want me coming back for more. Before I leave this blog today I just want to let everybody know I am going to have an "End of Summer" blog at the end of August. I will be going away on vacation for the next week to Hilton Head, SC & Savannah, GA and I am going to post my food finds here when I get back. Until Next Time…

7619 1/2 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15221-2113

Phone- 412-243-1610
Sorry No Website

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