Frank’s Pizza & Chicken (North Hills)

Frank's Pizza & Chicken on Urbanspoon

Let me first state the Urbanspoon only has 2 of the 4 Frank’s Pizza & Chicken locations and they don’t have either location that I usually go to so I just picked one to use as the tag. The location I visit is in North Hills or Ross as they list it, I usually only visit them for lunch because I don’t have a location close to my house. My normal order is usually the Buffalo Chicken Salad which has popcorn chicken size bites of chicken breast tossed in buffalo sauce then served with french fries, lettuce, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, black olives and topped with mozzarrella & provolone cheese. Always, and I mean ALWAYS get the house-made Ranch dressing. I could write a review of the salad, but I wanted to give you more, so I went with what they call “Our Famous Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Our Housemade Specialty and #1 Seller!”. If you view the picture above, doesn’t that just make your salivary glands go crazy! The description Frank’s uses is “Tender cuts of chicken breast tossed in a buffalo sauce and topped with mozzarella and provolone cheese on our hand-tossed dough. Includes our house-made ranch dressing for dipping. Simply mouth-watering.” Yea that description does just fine! The North Hills location has at least been open for a year, maybe even more and I have never ordered anything bad, my grandmother even thinks their pizza is the best pizza she has ever had and she’s 96 so she’s had enough pizza in her life to make a great judgment call! If you like Buffalo Chicken, go to the source and order it from Frank’s Pizza & Chicken, as they say on the menu “No thanks if it’s not Frank’s!” All the Frank’s locations I know of are all delivery and pickup, no eat in, but the North Hills location does have some outdoor picnic tables for the summer.

Frank’s Pizza & Chicken (North Hills)
101 Rochester Road
North Hills, PA 15229
Phone- 412-931-5040
Facebook –
Twitter –


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